OG Identity was created with a mission in mind, to show black women that they are beautiful, appreciated and everything in between. We strive to show Black women with real features, true beauty and overall black girl magic. The Black woman is the blueprint. We hope to empower Black women through positive representation and celebration of what makes us beautiful. Our products are meant to make bold and unapologetic statements and allow you to speak without even having to say a word. OG Identity is here to illuminate the power we hold, reminding Black women that we are the original and the blueprint.



Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a muse as "a source of inspiration". The beauty, the talent, the strength, the versatility and the power are all reasons to be inspired by Black women.  The four primary muses of OG Identity's girl group, if you will, are all of those things and more. Gabriella symbolizes the stylish, smart girl next door. Amahle (pronounced Ah- Mah- Shea) represents the strong and fierce beauty. While Adera is the sweet soft side, but don't get the sweetness confused. Then, we have Bee, the cultured, well traveled one of the crew. The Muses are the artistic embodiment of beauty and excellence, period. They are inspired by the Black women that take care of the home, raise the kids, bring home the bacon, run the boardrooms and all in between. And not to mention, look good while doing it. They don't attempt to fit in with society and they damn sure don't acknowledge the constraints and limits the world tries to put on them. They are us. They represent all of the beautiful parts of us.